Unlock Your Imagination with LitJoy's Storybook Key Collection

Unlock Your Imagination with LitJoy's Storybook Key Collection

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Enter a realm where imagination and literature intertwine with our captivating Storybook Key Collection. Journey through enchanting tales, unlocking hidden doors to magical realms with each intricately designed key.

Join us as we explore this curated selection of extraordinary keys, each one a gateway to a unique story waiting to be discovered. Get ready to embark on a magical journey and embrace the allure of these enchanting treasures.

The Key to Caraval

A key to caraval including two charms: an hourglass game piece with red sand and an envelope with the engraved ticket inside Let the game begin with our Key to Caraval! This stunning key comes with an invitation to Caraval along with an hourglass game piece. A must-have for fans, this collectible key is a unique and immersive piece of the Caraval experience. Remember, it's only a game!

Throne of Glass Key

Unlock the magic of Sarah J. Maas' Throne of Glass series with the Throne of Glass Key. Beautifully crafted with the Amulet, the sarcophagus of Elena, an the black rock in Kaltain's arm to represent all 3 of the Wyrdkeys, this powerful ToG collector's key is sure to take you to magical realms. Sarah J. Maas Throne of Glass Key with a design of an amulet, a piece of cloth, a black rock, and Elena's sarcophagus

Belle's Library Key (SOLD OUT)

Belle's Library Key sold by LitJoy Crate Indulge your inner bibliophile with Belle's Library Key . Adorned with a charming bookcase and an encased rose charm, it's a tribute to our favorite parts of this tale as old as time. Carry the essence of beauty and the magic of literature wherever you go.

Sassenach Key

Discover the key to your ancestral Scottish manor with theSassenach Key. This beautifully crafted stag key with the motto Je Suis Prest , unlocks the lazy tower's secrets. Immerse yourself in the charm of the Scottish Highlands and fall in love with the entwined wedding ring charms. Sassenach Key sold by LitJoy Crate

Strange the Dreamer Library of Zosma Key

Strange the Dreamer Library of Zosma Key sold by LitJoy Crate Immerse yourself in Lazlo's library with the Great Library of Zosma Key . Experience the enchantment of a sentient sanctuary, where books hold secrets and stories come alive. Embrace the magic and let your imagination soar!

Sorcery of Thorns Key

Step into the mystical realm of the Great Library of Summershall with the Sorcery of Thorns Key . Equipped with the Book of Eyes and a sword called Demonslayer. Experience the wonder of ancient grimoires and the thrill of forbidden knowledge. Beware the ink and leather monsters lurking within, and prepare to become a true library warden. Sorcery of Thorns Key sold by LitJoy Crate

Nevernight Red Church Key

Nevernight Red Church Key sold by LitJoy Crate Be a part of something extraordinary with The Red Church Key from the © Jay Kristoff Nevernight Collection . Immerse yourself in the world of shadows and secrets, where darkness reigns supreme and be rewarded with two deadly charms. Wield Mia's gravebone dagger, a symbol of the assassin's lethal precision, and carry a vial of Spiderkiller-approved poison. Beware, the poison (and the bottle) is fragile; display the vial as a testament to your dedication to this captivating series!

Cassandra Clare's New York Institute Key

Step into the world of Shadowhunters with Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments New York Institute Key . Open doors to the library, the greenhouse, the training room, and more. This antique gold key, adorned with a stained glass topper, grants exclusive access to the Institute's mystical realms and is part of LitJoy's Official ©Cassandra Clare Collection . Embody the spirit of a true Shadowhunter with the demon and seraph blade charms. Perfect for practice and honing your skills, these charms allow you to immerse yourself in the world of Shadowhunters again and again. Cassandra Clare's New York Institute Key sold by LitJoy Crate

Alice in Wonderland Key

Alice in Wonderland Key Embrace the madness and embark on an enchanting adventure as you unlock the secrets of Wonderland. With this Alice in Wonderland Key , the rabbit hole awaits, ready to transport you to a realm of imagination and wonder. The Door Knob opens the gateway to new places, while the Teapot invites you to a delightful tea party with the Mad Hatter (watch out for the mischievous mouse inside!). And don't forget the Glass Bottle labeled "drink me" – a whimsical concoction that may just bring unexpected surprises.

The Cruel Prince King of Elfhame Key (SOLD OUT)

Crafted with exquisite detail, The Cruel Prince Palace of Elfhame Key is a gateway to a realm of intrigue and fantasy. Let the crown-toothed metal key and ethereal woodland spider web transport you to the heart of Faerie. The key comes with 2 charms: an adorable acorn (that opens to reveal a tiny bird!) and the iconic sword used to stab the serpent. This has to be one of our favorite items from our © Holly Black Collection ! The Cruel Prince King of Elfhame Key sold by LitJoy Crate


ACOTAR Key sold by LitJoy Crate Open the door to ACOTAR's Faerie realms with the exquisite ACOTAR Collectible Key. This captivating key features Feyre's tattoos, a rotating bubble of stars and glitter, and a glimpse of the majestic Illyrian Mountains. Prepare to embark on a journey like no other. The Courts Charm reveals a captivating map of Prythian's mystical courts, while the Canvas Charm gives a wink to Chapter 55 (IYKYK). Let these charms transport you to the magical world created by Sarah J. Maas. Part of the officially licensed © Sarah J. Maas Collection

Storybook Key Accessories

Now that you have all of these beautiful keys, the question remains: How do I store my key collection? LitJoy has you covered with the following items:

Belle's Library Hook

The Beast's enchanted rose on Belle's Library Hook marks the time he has to be gifted true love's kiss or to stay a beast forever. Will Belle's love of the Beast's magnificent library eventually mean love for him? Hang the encased rose hook in your home to remind you that fairytale romances do come true, and one of our favorite bibliophiles has the key to his heart. Made with Belle's Library Key in mind, you can hang anything that reminds you to fall in love with magic castles and tales as old as time! Belle's Library Hook sold by LitJoy Crate

Sassenach Key Hook (Lunacorn Exclusive!)

Sassenach Key Hook Lunacorn Exclusive sold by LitJoy Crate Every home or library needs to hang a bit of Scottish love and why not do it with the Sassenach Hook ?! This metal hook is the perfect place to hang your kilt . . . or your Sassenach Key! The hook dons the phrase "Je Suis Prest" which is the motto of our favorite Scottish clan and means "I am ready." And we know you are ready to add this gorgeous hook to your collection! If you're not yet a Lunacorn to peek into our member exclusive shop, then find out all about the Lunacorns and how to become one here !

Storybook Key Rack

The Storybook Key Rack is the perfect fusion of practicality and literary charm. This bookish accessory offers a stylish solution for organizing your keys–house keys, collectible keys, and more–while showcasing your passion for stories. Hang it proudly and let your keys find their rightful place within the enchanting world of storybooks. Storybook Key Rack Sold by LitJoy Crate

Key Wood Display Box

Key Wood Display Box sold by LitJoy Crate Display your cherished key collection in style with the Key Wood Display Box . Safely store and showcase your magical keys through the transparent window, while the sturdy design ensures stability on any bookshelf. With a convenient magnetic-close door, this box is the perfect solution to unlock the beauty of your fabulous keys. Whether you have a single favorite key or a collection, our display boxes are the ideal choice. Enhance your magical ambiance and let your keys shine with this elegant display solution.

From the Sassenach Key featuring a beautifully crafted stag key that unlocks ancestral Scottish secrets to the ACOTAR key that transports you to the Faerie realm of Prythian, each key holds a tale as old as time. Collect them all!

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