The Business of Books-Part 1: Working with Authors, Agents, and Publishers (Special Editions)

The Business of Books-Part 1: Working with Authors, Agents, and Publishers (Special Editions)

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Episode Title:

The Business of Books: Working with Authors, Agents, and Publishers (Special Editions)

Kelly on left, Alix on right; The Business of Books title in between

Episode summary:

In this episode, Kelly and Alix answer questions from our community! All the questions in this episode are focused on what it's like to work with authors, agents, and publishers. We discuss LitJoy Special Edition books and the process of creating beautiful books and fan art.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Meeting and connecting with authors [2:40]
  • You'd be surprised to know that we don't get pitched to all the time by authors and publishers [5:15]
  • How long does it take to make a special edition? [6:45]
  • How we design our covers [10:15]
  • Thoughts on when authors have a say with their covers [13:00]
  • Kelly and Alix's favorite LitJoy covers [15:10]
  • Working with authors and different personalities [16:40]
  • Alix starts her monologue on how much she likes Jay Kristoff [18:00]
  • Alix wraps up talking about Jay Kristoff [19:45]
  • Authors insights into their fanbase [20:23]
  • Neil Gaiman knows our name! [23:00]
  • Process of selecting and working with artists and designers [24:10]
  • Alix brings up Jay again [26:00]
  • Friendships that bloom from special editions [28:00]
  • LitJoy's Artist Series, our strategy for incorporating more art into our product offerings [28:25]
  • Publishers and the introduction of subscription boxes [29:35]
  • Correction: Alix was 1 credit short of getting a minor in art history. Alas. [31:42]
  • Why we sometimes create special editions with the cover art changed and sometimes with the publishers' covers but artwork on the reversible dust jacket [31:54]
  • Working with publishers [35:02]
  • Major love for Laini Taylor and Little, Brown Books [36:00]
  • Why publishers might tell us "no" on a project [37:25]
  • Our DREAM books to make into special editions [39:10]
  • Kelly wants to work with Markus Zusak and The Book Thief. Send good vibes out into the book universe people. [40:30]

Kelly and Alix talk the business of books - special editions

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