Which Witch Aesthetic Are You?

Which Witch Aesthetic Are You?

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Witchcraft has been making a major comeback since the mid 20th century and with it, there seems to be emerging a larger variety of witch aesthetic types than many even realize. While burnt sage and magic spells can be key elements to witchcore, there are so many other ways that a practicing witch can express her enchanting gifts and beliefs.

If you feel drawn to the wonderful world of all things witchy, we’ve compiled a list of popular witch aesthetics to help you determine which witch you are:

  1. Solar Witch

Solar Witch Aesthetic

Solar witches harness their energy and magic from the sun. They enjoy opening their windows and basking in the sunlight, sunbathing, and practicing spells that use reflection and solar light. They often manifest happiness, confidence, and creativity in their lives, making them charismatic individuals who easily draw people in with their contagious light.

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  1. Lunar Witch

Lunar Witch images with moons and LitJoy products

While the solar witch draws their energy from the sun, the Lunar Witch draws their energy from the moon and stars. Lunar Witches can be found making and using moon water for their spells and rituals, and they are highly attuned to the phases of the moon. They are often drawn to nocturnal and crepuscular animals like owls, sugar gliders, wolves, and cats, as well as bodies of water because like the ocean, they are influenced by the energy of the moon.

Lunar witches tend to be mysterious, gentle, and are high vibrational beings, making it difficult for them to stay grounded. In their magical practice, they enjoy practicing lightwork, meditating, singing, sound healing, and observing and seeking counsel from the magic of the moon.

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  1. Cosmic Witch

Cosmic Witch images galaxy, stars, LitJoy's Illustrated Special Edition of Stardust

If you find yourself drawn to the planets and stars, you just might be a Cosmic Witch. This witch aesthetic is particularly drawn to star-gazing. These witches are similar to the Lunar Witch, however they are more highly sensitive to changes in astrological movement and have a vast knowledge of astrology and celestial bodies. Cosmic Witches obtain their energy from the cosmos, working with the planets and stars during their rituals and spell work. They also enjoy exploring the hidden mysteries of the universe through tools such as crystals and tarot or oracle cards. Their attraction to the planets and stars allows them to draw upon cosmic energies for their personal and spiritual manifestations.

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  1. Green Witch

Green Witch images: herbs, trees in the forest, Herbology Key sold by LitJoy

Green Witches, also known as “Herb Witches,” get excited about caring for plants and tending to their garden. They are rooted in the cycles of Mother Nature and are known for growing their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The Green Witch spends their time creating homemade concoctions with a pestle and mortar, from tinctures, to balms, beauty products, home remedies, and more.

Green Witches are often compassionate and gentle in nature. Everything they touch grows and thrives because they are deeply in tune with the spirit of the plants they work with. They like looking for symbols and signs in nature, brewing their own homemade teas, drying flowers, and moving at a slow, leisurely pace, just like Mother Earth.

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  1. Sea Witch

Sea Witch images: ocean, waves, beach, Mermaid tapestry blanket sold by LitJoy

The Sea Witch loves—you guessed it—water. Sea Witches love staying hydrated and taking long, luxurious baths, practicing water rituals, collecting shells, and decorating with driftwood and sea glass. They have an affinity for sea animals and are drawn to mermaid lore. Sea Witches may also work with the lunar cycles, practice weather magic, and they like to use sea water in their spells and rituals.

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  1. Crystal Witch

Crystal Witch images: quartz, amethyst, Crystal Pens sold by LitJoy

The Crystal Witch is a free spirit who collects crystals, stones, and gems of all shapes and sizes and knows exactly what each one is for. Their spells revolve around the use of crystals and their healing, powerful energy. They are able to draw things towards themselves and manifest their desires. They are highly in tune with people’s auras and believe strongly in the law of attraction, as well as self care, meditation, and taking time to rest and rejuvenate. Crystal Witches always make sure to recharge their crystals and will often add them to their bath water to soak up their healing energy.

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  1. Hedge Witch

Hedge Witch images: plants, hearth, teapot, fantasy lake tea for one set sold by LitJoy

If you love nothing more than getting cozy and creating a warm home, then you might just be a Hedge Witch. The Hedge Witch is the queen of all things cozy. While they are sometimes mixed up with the Kitchen Witch, they lean less on cooking and more on cultivating a warm atmosphere for all who enter the sacred space of their home. They also have the ability to incorporate magical intent in day-to-day routines and activities.

Historically, the Hedge Witch was a solitary witch who lived on the fringes of their village behind hedgerows (hence the name), and served their community as a healer or a wise, cunning woman. They often gathered herbs and plants in the surrounding woods, hedges, and fields for recipes and spells. In the modern era, the witch aesthetic of Hedge Witches are drawn to soft throw blankets, old leather-bound books, houseplants, brewing tea, fuzzy socks, hearty laughs with loved ones, and anything else that makes their space feel more like a welcoming home.

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  1. Divination Witch

Divination Witch images: tarot, crystal ball, Mythology Tarot Enamel Pins sold by LitJoy

The Divination Witch, also known as the Augury Witch, is all about natural intuition. They have an acute sense of intuition that allows them to connect with spiritual energies and receive messages during their practice. They are particularly skilled at utilizing divination tools such as tarot cards, runes, ancient symbols, crystal balls, magic mirrors, tea leaves, pendulums, and more. They also have an inclination toward palmistry, numerology, scrying, astrology, and other forms of divination. Friends will often seek them out for advice and insight, and they love burning sage and incense to keep the air clear for spiritual messages to come through.

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  1. Modern Witch

Modern Witch images: woman standing with tree limbs as arms/hands stretched out, burning sage, Red Queen Mare Barrow Crawler Earrings sold by LitJoy

Ah, the Modern Witch.. Arguably one of the more fun witches to be, the Modern Witch is a fashionista who wears patchouli and funky jewelry and has awesome tattoos. She tends to collect clutter because she has much more important things on her mind, like fighting for social justice and planning slumber parties with her coven. While she still pulls from more traditional witch practices, like crystal healing, sage burning, and energy work, she is also into jamming out to witchy artists like Stevie Nicks, Lana del Rey, and Florence and the Machine, and she’s also probably working on a book of witch aesthetic poems.

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  1. Kitchen Witch

Kitchen Witch images: vegetables, hands cooking, the Love Hypothesis Test Tube Tea Infuser Herb infuser sold by LitJoy

If food is your love language and the farmer’s market is your happy place, then the Kitchen Witch aesthetic is for you. Kitchen Witches are known for cooking, baking, and brewing edible delights with intention, from hearty soups to sweet pastries, and more. They have the ability to infuse their herbs and ingredients with magic, bringing love and intention into everything they make. The kitchen is their sacred space where they practice their craft with heart and care. To the Kitchen Witch, food is medicine and cooking for loved ones is their life.

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  1. Fairy Witch

Fairy Witch aesthetic images: a fairy, a woman with a flower crown and flowers in her hands, the Halfling Fairy Door sold by LitJoy Crate

Fairy Witches are often attracted to tiny, intricate details in nature and aesthetics, such as lace, small patterns, etc. They are intimately connected with the fairy realm and have the ability to work with the energy of fairie spirits, which often involves synchronicity, glamour, time, mischief, and the unseen. Fairy Witches tend to be gentle, playful, charismatic beings who are powerful manifestors because of their connection to the fairy realm.

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  1. Divine Feminine Witch

Divine Feminine Witch images: 3 women dancing in nature, Hera the Empress Mythology Tarot Enamel Pin sold by LitJoy Crate

The Divine Feminine Witch is focused on the embodiment and expression of the feminine. This could be anything from intentional dancing and movement, to love ritual magic and potions, to connecting with Mother Nature, the cycles of the Earth, and the cycles of the moon. The Divine Feminine Witch is not afraid of her feminine power, and knows how to bring embodied femininity into every aspect of her life.

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  1. Eclectic Witch

Eclectic Witch images: books, potion bottles, worldwide witch enamel pins sold by LitJoy Crate

Not sure which witch aesthetic sounds like you because you feel drawn to more than one? You might just be an Eclectic Witch. Eclectic Witches have the freedom to pick whatever practices, beliefs, and rituals feel most natural to them. They don’t believe in labels and prefer to indulge in freedom and exploration rather than follow a set of rules. The Eclectic Witch gets to dress in any witchcore style they choose and create spells that suit their unique beliefs and intentions. If you’re an Eclectic Witch, then you can be any witch!

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Being a witch is about more than just potions and spells. It’s about self-empowerment and being true to oneself. If one of these witch aesthetic types stands out to you, it’s time to let your true magic shine. Tap into your power, wear your witchcore style with pride, and let your magic come alive!

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