Psyche and Eros


Transport yourself into a world of Greek mythology with this To Bee Read Special Edition of Psyche and Eros by Luna McNamara. In this masterful reimagining of the classic Greek myth, the god of desire is cursed to fall for a spirited young mortal woman, but if she looks upon his face they will be parted forever. Indulge in this awe-inspiring odyssey that intertwines a heartwarming love tale and an epic adventure that is sure to satisfy fans of Madeline Miller and V.E. Schwab.

Book Summary:

Who said true love is a myth?

A prophecy claims that Psyche, princess of Mycenae, will conquer a monster feared by the gods. Beloved by her family but at odds with her society’s expectations for women, Psyche trains to become a hero, mastering blade and bow. 

When Psyche angers Aphrodite, the love goddess enlists Eros, god of desire, to help deliver a cruel curse. Eros is the last born of the eldest gods, dry-witted and jaded, unsure of his place in the cosmos. The last thing he wants is to become involved in the chaos of the mortal world, but when he pricks himself with the arrow intended for Psyche, Eros is doomed to yearn for a woman who will be torn from him the moment their eyes meet.

A joyous and subversive tale of gods, monsters, and the human heart and soul, Psyche and Eros dazzles the senses while exploring notions of trust, sacrifice, and what it truly means to be a hero. With unforgettably vivid characters, spellbinding prose, and delicious tension, Luna McNamara has crafted a shimmering and propulsive debut novel about a love so strong it defies the will of Olympus. 

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Book Customizations:

  • Signed by the author, Luna McNamara
  • Digitally Designed Page Edges by @rosdottir
  • Casewrap with design by @rosdottir
  • Endpapers with character and setting art by @afterblossom_art