The Secret Garden

Collect LitJoy Classic's The Secret Garden, book 2 in the Whimsy Collection. This special edition book is perfect for people that love this charming story.

About LitJoy's Edition:

  • A fully illustrated cover and interior end pages
  • Five full-page illustrations within the book
  • Colorful bookmark ribbon
  • Purple-stained edges!
  • Custom slipcase
  • All artwork by the talented @olgabaumert!

About the book:

This classic piece of children’s literature features young Mary’s journey from India back to her home country of England. Orphaned, her life with her uncle in gloomy Yorkshire is vastly different, yet Misselthwaite Manor, her uncle, and the staff hold secrets she is eager to discover. Her childlike curiosity eventually leads her to a vast garden, locked up with secrets and budding with untamed wildlife. Author Frances Hodgson Burnett’s work in The Secret Garden compels readers to dive into a charming story, full of mystery, tragedy, secrets, new life, and kindness.