LitJoy Gift Card

Introducing the LitJoy Gift Card – the perfect way to gift the magic of reading to your friends and family! 

Ideal for every occasion, LitJoy’s gift card lets the bibliophiles in your life handpick their favorite bookish treasures. It's the ultimate present for any book lover. Give the gift of choice and let your loved ones embark on literary adventures they'll cherish forever with LitJoy!

Denominations available:

  • $10
  • $25
  • $50
  • $100
  • $150

🌟 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 🌟

What will I receive when I purchase a gift card?

Once you purchase a LitJoy Gift Card, you'll receive a unique code via email that can be used for purchases on our website.

Can I earn reward points when buying a gift card?

Absolutely! When you buy a LitJoy Gift Card, you'll earn reward points. It's our way of thanking you for spreading the joy of reading!

Can I earn reward points when using the gift card amount?

While reward points are earned when purchasing the gift card, they cannot be earned when using the LitJoy Gift Card to make a purchase.

Do promo discounts apply to this product?

Please note that promo discounts do not apply to the LitJoy Gift Card.

Can this gift card be used to pay for shipping?

Yes, indeed! The LitJoy Gift Card can be used to cover shipping costs for all your bookish goodies.

Can I use the gift card to pay for subscription and membership renewals?

The LitJoy Gift Card is perfect for the initial purchase of subscriptions and memberships. However, it cannot be used for renewals.

Can I use a gift card and reward points at the same time?

Absolutely! Our customers can combine gift cards and reward points for a double dose of bookish happiness.

How do I find my remaining balance?

If you ever wonder about your remaining balance, feel free to reach out to our friendly Customer Support team at

What if I lose my discount code?

In case you misplace your discount code, our dedicated Customer Support team is here to help. Contact them at, and they'll assist you in no time!