The Dallergut Dream Department Store by Miye Lee

Discover the whimsical world of dreams with LitJoy's new edition of The Dallergut Dream Department Store. This international bestselling cozy fantasy from Korea echoes beloved fables and is perfect for fans of magical realism—or anyone looking to escape reality for a while. The story, from debut author Miye Lee and translated by Sandy Joosun Lee, follows Penny, a new hire at the store, through an enchanting journey in a world where dreams have the power to heal.

Book Customizations:

  • SIGNED by the author Miye Lee
  • AUTHOR LETTER: exclusive author letter from author Miye Lee
  • COVER: newly designed custom casewrap
  • EDGES: digitally-designed custom edges
  • ENDPAPERS: custom designed endpapers by
  • And it comes with a ribbon bookmark!

Book Summary:

What if there was a store that sold dreams? Which would you buy? And who might you become when you wake up?

In a mysterious town hidden in our collective subconscious there's a department store that sells dreams. Day and night, visitors both human and animal shuffle in to purchase their latest adventure. Each floor specializes in a specific type of dream: childhood memories, food dreams, ice skating, dreams of stardom. Flying dreams are almost always sold out. Some seek dreams of loved ones who have died.

For Penny, an enthusiastic new hire, working at Dallergut is the opportunity of a lifetime. As she uncovers the workings of this whimsical world, she bonds with a cast of unforgettable characters, including Dallergut, the flamboyant and wise owner; Babynap Rockabye, a famous dream designer; Maxim, a nightmare producer; and the many customers who dream to heal, dream to grow, and dream to flourish.

A captivating story that will leave a lingering magical feeling in readers' minds, this is the first book in a bestselling duology for anyone exhausted from the reality of their daily life.

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