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The Nevernight Chronicle Collector's Edition Box Set

Grab your twin blades and gird your loins . . . for we have listened to your demands and we bring you The Nevernight Chronicle Collector's Edition Box Set! 

This officially licensed ©Jay Kristoff box set includes:

  • All THREE books in The Nevernight Chronicle by Jay Kristoff: Nevernight, Godsgrave, and Darkdawnare included in this set
  • Each book has faux leather covers with debossed designs
  • There are 6 ILLUSTRATED END PAGES on upgraded fine art paper, two unique end pages per book
  • And 5 ILLUSTRATED TIP-IN pages per book
  • 1 Bonus vellum art TIP-IN page
  • All THREE BOOKS books are SIGNED by Jay Kristoff (eek!), each on a unique fully illustrated signature page!
  • ANNOTATIONS! Jay has ANNOTATED each book. That’s right, Jay wrote notes and added drawings with his own hand throughout the whole series just for LitJoy fans. Gentlefriends, there are over 650+ annotations and drawings!
  • Fully-illustrated SLIPCASE with a NEW design style
  • The PAGE EDGES feature a custom design
  • Printed on Acid-Free Paper
  • Bonus Content: In addition to the above customizations, we are including:
  • NEW Letter from Jay to LitJoy customers in Nevernight
  • 1 Bonus Chapter (Damsel) in Godsgrave
  • 3 Bonus Chapters (Question, Three, and Ashes) in Darkdawn
  • The original manuscript maps but in FULL COLOR!
  • Note! Each Boxed Set comes with a FREE Adventure Card!

Collector's Edition Artists:

*Content Disclaimer: The Nevernight Chronicle is an adult series that includes adult themes, harsh language, intense graphic violence, drug abuse, and nudity. Two tip-in illustrations in the LitJoy Publishing Special Edition include partial nudity.

*excluded from promotional coupon codes

Peek Inside: Nevernight

Nevernight Interior Artwork Process Video

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